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A Powerful Tool for Providing Quality Care in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The ability to maintain a high level of quality of care for your patients can be greatly impacted by many factors.  Practitioner and clinician scarcity, increasing demand for specialists and the ever-evolving quality of care healthcare policies all contribute to the high costs associated with providing medical care.  Implementing a flexible telemedicine solution, with proven costs savings, affords you the control to meet your operational objectives while increasing the quality of care measures.

With the ProMCS™-3000, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) can benefit from the ability to:

  • Provide access to specialists to assist with quicker and more accurate diagnosis, evaluations, medication prescriptions and post-procedure follow-up care.
  • Enable four-way video conferencing that supports one local (patient) and three remote streams (specialists/medical care providers) with no additional hardware requirements.
  • Deliver an improved level of care and monitoring for the patient at a lower cost.
  • Reduce rehospitalizations, helping to minimize the lost revenue of an empty bed.
  • Better evaluate after-hours medical care in regard to “Treat or Transport” decisions.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of staff by decreasing the need to transport a patient.
  • Offer the opportunity for the family to remotely participate in the health decisions and care needs of their loved ones.
  • Gain market advantage by promoting cutting-edge technology to families and new staff.


Our ProMCS-3000 has the ability to utilize an audio stethoscope, video otoscope and PC-based ECG or EKG system, giving your medical staff and remote specialists a fast and easy way to gain detailed information about the patient’s current condition in a timely manner right from the comfort and convenience of the patient’s location. Our responsive team will work with you to customize the system to meet your specific needs.

Because we provide tailored solutions for the scope of your applications, SNFs no longer need to pay a premium price for telemedicine system that delivers the performance and quality your patients and staff deserve. ProConnections’ simple-to-use telehealth consultation system can be operated by physicians and medical staff without requiring intensive training. Our team remains engaged to provide the support needed for your facility.

Contact us today to find out how ProConnections can help you benefit from a telemedicine solution that may allow you to operate more efficiently while achieving a higher level of patient care.


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