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Blog: Long-Term Care

Streamlining Policy to Improve Access to Telehealth

Today’s demanding reimbursement models are challenging healthcare organizations to adopt new delivery models that improve efficiencies and reduce costs while still maintaining high quality care. Telehealth is at the forefront of these advancements and a consistent, clear approach to supporting …

Breaking Down the ROI for a Telemedicine Solution in Long-Term Care Facilities

Much has been made of telemedicine’s potential to reduce costs for hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities and other medical institutions. There has also been plenty of talk about the technology’s ability to improve patients’ quality of care, morale …

Telemedicine-Enhanced Care Model for Senior Living Communities Researched

In the latest indication that telemedicine holds tremendous promise for virtually every segment of the patient population, the University of Rochester Medical Center is conducting a high-profile research trial to evaluate the technology’s benefits for older individuals who suffer acute …

Affordable Care Act Grant Connects Rural Nursing Homes to Geriatric Specialists Via Telemedicine

Residents of long-term care facilities in parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska stand to benefit from a major Affordable Care Act grantthat will dramatically improve Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Avera Health’s telemedicine connections to about 30 rural nursing …

Telemedicine Offers Great Potential for Future in Chronic Wound Care

As the American population ages, the principles of wound care will become ever more important to ensuring that patients enjoy comfort and high quality of life during their later years. Elderly and infirm individuals who live in skilled nursing facilities …


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