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ProConnections, a privately held company, is an established leader in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative audio/visual solutions. Collectively, our engineers have almost a century of experience working in digital imaging, data compression and embedded software development to provide real-time data reliability in the ever-changing internet network landscape.

The company was started in 2003 with the objective to provide a high-speed digital event recorder specifically for production line monitoring to improve overall productivity in the manufacturing industry.

ProConnections’ entry into the telemedicine marketplace came in 2006, an opportunity surfaced with a prospect that had a need for a bi-directional audio/video solution that could be integrated with their ICU room monitoring system. Based upon their needs and specifications, we designed a hardware and software solution (MediaLink™) that was subsequently integrated into their product and is now deployed monitoring over 11,000 ICU beds in hospitals throughout the U.S. While working with the ICU medical staff, this gives physicians the ability to monitor their patients around the clock and provide them with the highest level of care.

The ProConnections Medical Consultation System™ (ProMCS™) product line has been designed and built leveraging our successful MediaLink solution used in ICU monitoring applications. Utilizing that core technology platform, we offer solutions that provide remote medical consultation capabilities by a physician via the internet that can enhance their ability to insure patients receive the highest level of care.

Our ProMCS is not a video conferencing system built for use in the boardroom, but was created specifically for use by the medical community with input by physicians who were concerned about what matters most — improved patient experience and better quality of care! We pride ourselves in delivering a true turnkey solution for the medical industry that is backed by our ability to work with our clients to give them a telemedicine system that fits their specific needs and budget requirements.

ProConnections has a team of engineers with the expertise to develop and manufacture custom designs for innovative audio/video solutions. Collaborating with your team they can create a system specific to meet your needs.


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