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Long-Term Care and Telemedicine: Improve Access to Quality Care. Improve Quality of Life.

Long-term care facilities are tasked with the challenge of providing the highest quality of care for patients while facing greater oversight, increased quality mandates and potential reimbursement adjustments. Operational efficiencies to manage costs without compromising quality are more important now than ever!

An effective telemedicine program can provide the patient with increased and timely access to specialists and medical care providers. It can result in more prompt diagnoses, enable more informed “treat or transport” decisions by caregivers and can allow for more effective treatment plans, advanced remote monitoring and improved coordination of care. With the ProConnections Medical Consultation System™ (ProMCS™) in place, long-term care facilities can potentially reduce, or in some cases, eliminate the need to transport the patient from the safe, controlled and familiar environment of their facility to a hospital or specialist’s office.


Telemedicine provides many benefits, including giving the patient access to offsite physicians and specialists who can:

  • Examine the patient in real-time, including close-up observation of wounds, skin, etc. via a powerful PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera;
  • Listen to the heart and lungs using an electronic stethoscope;
  • Review live video and images of the inner ear, nose, throat and eye with a video otoscope and,
  • Discuss symptoms directly with the patient.

Facilitating remote access to physicians may not only reduce the need to transport pa­tients, but can also create access to in-demand specialists who would otherwise face travel and schedule constraints.


ProConnections is the responsive, engaged partner that understands and is able to facilitate what long-term care facilities need in order to successfully implement our telemedicine system in your facility. We understand that cost can be a “make or break” factor in whether a telemedicine system is feasible for your organization. By working closely with our end-users we can provide the right-sized solution for your needs and budget. Long-term care facilities no longer need to pay a premium price for telemedicine solutions that deliver the performance and quality your patients and staff deserve.

ProMCS-3000 or ProMCS-1500 can help your team provide a higher level of patient care at a lower cost by:

  • Providing access to specialists and medical staff to assist with quicker and more accurate diagnosis, evaluations and medication prescriptions.
  • Reducing rehospitalizations, helping to minimize the lost revenue of an empty bed.
  • Improving productivity and efficiency of staff.
  • Providing your facility with the added benefit of giving the family an opportunity to remotely participate in the health decisions and care needs of their loved ones.

ProConnections is a proven and trusted partner for delivering audio and video solutions for healthcare environments throughout the United States. Leveraging our engineering team’s extensive expertise in video and audio technology, we are trusted by leading healthcare organizations to provide flexible, high-quality telehealth systems which are more affordable than comparable systems.

The ProMCS can be operated by physicians and medical staff without requiring intensive training. We are involved in every aspect of customer satisfaction before and after installation.

Contact us today to find out how ProConnections can help you benefit from a telemedicine solution that may allow you to operate more efficiently while achieving a higher level of patient care.


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