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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ProMCS™ measure up to other telehealth systems?

  • Easy to use client software that requires minimal training.
  • Flexible design which offers:
    • Standard or high definition video format.
    • Wired or wireless options.
    • SIP compatibility allowing a certain level of communication with other telemedicine or teleconferencing systems.
    • Adaptability to your space as a tabletop stand, wall mount or mobile cart solution.
  • Multi-conferencing capability that can support four-way video conferencing between one local (patient) and three remote streams (medical care providers) without additional hardware.
  • Affordability. The ProMCS is the most cost-efficient, high quality solution on the market today.

What peripherals can you use with the ProMCS–3000?

The ProMCS-3000 has been tested to use with an audio stethoscope, video otoscope and PC-based ECG or EKG system. However, it is designed to work with any peripheral that utilizes a standard audio or visual connection, such as an ophthalmoscope, retinal camera, spirometer, ultrasound probes, wound camera, etc. Prior to purchase, our technicians would be happy to test any medical device that you are interested in using with the ProMCS-3000 to ensure compatibility.

Does ProConnections provide customer support?

We are involved in every aspect of customer satisfaction before and after installation. While users do not typically need additional training beyond the instruction manual, our highly qualified service provider will demonstrate the product and software at installation. And, if requested, training and support is available and will be provided based upon the needs of the customer.

What is the warranty?

ProConnections provides a one-year warranty with purchase and offers several other extended warranty upgrade packages. Please ask your sales contact for details.

How often do you upgrade your software?

We provide ongoing upgrade developments that are driven by the needs of the marketplace and progress with technology. All software upgrades are free of charge while under warranty agreement.


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