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Reduce Rehospitalizations and Increase Patient Care Management.

In 2014 alone, hospitals stood to lose as much as 3% of their Medicare payments for high readmission rates. Leading hospitals are now realizing that the benefits of telemedicine can help to reduce costly and avoidable readmissions through better patient care and increased access to specialists.

Your hospital can use the ProConnections Medical Consultation System™ (ProMCS™) to enable live, interactive consultations and evaluations with up to three remote specialists. The ProMCS can help your team provide a higher level of patient care by:

  • Quickly developing patient care plans.
  • Providing remote monitoring through centralized physician stations.
  • Accessing specialists right from the emergency room to assist with quicker and more accurate diagnosis.
  • Enabling bedside consultations with the hospitalist.

With more than 8,000 ProConnections Medical Consultation Systems deployed in hospitals throughout the country remotely monitoring ICU patients around-the-clock, ProConnections is a proven and trusted partner for delivering audio and video solutions within healthcare environments throughout the United States. Leveraging our engineering team’s extensive expertise in audio and video technology, we are relied upon by leading healthcare organizations to provide flexible, high-quality telehealth systems which are more affordable than comparable systems.

Contact us today to find out how ProConnections can help your hospital benefit from a telemedicine solution that may allow you to achieve a higher standard of care while reducing costly rehospitalizations.


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