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ProConnections Releases ProMCS-2000

New Telemedicine device for Long-Term Care Facilities Transforms Delivery of Care

2000-Head-On_docBOSTON, MA February 2012 – With healthcare organizations under pressure to reduce costs telemedicine will play a crucial role in the way physicians at Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities deliver medical treatment to the patient.

The ProMCS-2000 offers an affordable option for healthcare providers to quickly detect medical issues and treatment, help reduce hospital readmissions and gain access to specialists over the internet from anywhere in the world. The ProMCS-2000 is a single appliance to PC application that communicates via the internet and allows the physician to remotely control the pan/tilt/18 to 1 zoom camera using operator friendly software. This device is outfitted with connectors for peripheral audio and video capture, such as a video otoscope, wound camera and electronic stethoscope to provide the offsite physician with more accurate diagnosis and treatment options.

At this time, there are plenty of incentives for long-term care facilities to adopt telemedicine with anticipated cuts in Medicare to reach as much as $127 billion over the next ten years. In the near future, under the Affordable Care Act they plan to reduce costs by fining facilities with high rates of preventable hospital readmission.

For more information on ProConnections’ telemedicine solution visit, or call (978) 692-2154 ext. 20

About ProConnections

ProConnections, Inc., a privately held company, is a leader in the custom design, development and manufacturing of innovative audio-video solutions. Our team of engineers has the experience and expertise with digital imaging, data compression and embedded software development to provide real-time data reliability in the ever-changing internet and mobile network landscape.

Founded in 2003, the company developed digital video recorders aimed at providing global technology manufacturers the means for product line monitoring, detection, as well as capture and archiving. Taking this core platform, the product was then customized and refined for a client to include medical telemetry and audio, creating an improved bi-directional audio-visual communication system for the telemedicine industry. Today, this technology is used throughout the United States in ICU rooms to monitor patients.

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