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ProConnections Introduces ProMCS-3000 Telemedicine Solution

ProConnections, Inc., a provider of proven, simple-to-use telemedicine solutions purpose-built for hospitals and long-term care facilities, introduced its latest telemedicine medical consultation system, the ProConnections Medical Consultation System 3000 (ProMCS-3000). Designed for optimal performance when supporting medical care providers in their efforts to deliver higher quality care, the ProMCS-3000 is the newest solution in ProConnections’ innovative telemedicine product line.

The ProMCS-3000 offers an affordable telehealth platform that enables caregivers to achieve greater collaboration across medical care provider teams to ensure the patients’ care plans are followed, ultimately resulting in timely discharges back to the community and reduced rehospitalizations.  Featuring powerful real-time video and audio capabilities, the ProMCS-3000 combines impressive technology with user-friendly operation, eliminating the need for extensive training for medical care providers and the physicians they support. It supports the use of a variety of peripherals, such as an electronic stethoscope and video otoscope.  Using this technology, a physician can remotely examine the patient utilizing the zoom camera to examine wounds, listen to the heart and lungs or even look inside the inner ear, nose and throat with an otoscope.

ProConnections has extensive experience delivering video and audio solutions for hospitals. Since 2003, ProConnections’ technology has been deployed in ICU rooms across the country and is utilized by more than 8,000 patients for round-the-clock monitoring by a remote physician. Recognizing the need to increase access to quality care for patients, ProConnections is committed to helping medical care providers rise to the new standard of care coordination by linking physicians with patients via timely online encounters.

“We are excited to deploy our latest telemedicine solution, the ProMCS-3000, to help hospitals and long-term care facilities find new ways to deliver greater care, improve collaboration, and ultimately, change the face of healthcare for the better,” said Phil McNulty, co-founder and CFO. “Unlike many larger providers, ProConnections is committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of the individual medical care teams. The ProMCS-3000 represents our core beliefs that telemedicine is the gateway to enhancing access to high-quality care without a significant cost burden to the institutions tasked with delivering it.”

For more information on ProConnections’ telemedicine solution, email or call (978) 692-2154, ext. 20.

About ProConnections

ProConnections is a provider of proven, simple-to-use telemedicine solutions purpose-built for hospitals and long-term care facilities.  Leveraging our engineering team’s extensive expertise in video and audio technology, we are trusted by leading healthcare organizations to provide quality, high performance telehealth systems. ProConnections is a responsive partner providing flexible solutions at significant cost savings over comparable systems from larger solutions providers.  Our versatile ProConnections Medical Consultation Systems (ProMCS) provide a powerful way to increase access to quality care by linking physicians with patients via timely online encounters. ProConnections’ knowledgeable team will work hand in hand with your medical staff to select and customize the right equipment for your facility’s use. For more information, visit

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